Dr. Rafael Hernández Arenas
Medical Director

Professional License: 3812503

I graduated with high honors at the Metropolitan University of Mexico City in the year 2000. Soon after  I settled in Cancun where I have practiced Dentistry ever since.

My career since has focused in Dental Cosmetics, Smile makeovers and Implantology, where I have perfected my craft. I also specialize on root canals, having done a Master Degree on endodontics in the year 2007 at "Centro de Perfeccionamiento Odontológico" in México City with Dr. Citlali Aleman Calderón.

When I am not in the clinic, I practice my other passion, Tennis. My favorite player and inspiration is Rafael Nadal.

One of the things I love the most about my life in Cancun is the beautiful beach and beyond belief turquoise color Caribbean Sea; it makes me feel like my life in Cancun is a permanent vacations, that transpires through the smiles of my happy patients.